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כדורים צבוענייםשירות בשפה האנגלית

Assisting People with Mental Illness in the Community

“Yedid Nefesh” provides a large range of services for people in the community who are living with mental health issues and who are entitled to receiving such aid from the Ministry of Health or the Ministry of Defense. Our services are also suitable for high-functioning people who require support on a regular but non-intensive basis.

People entitled to our services may live independently or with their families and could benefit from professional support for enhancing their daily lives and activities.

Our team members specialize in a range of fields – such as social work, occupational therapy, community mental health, psychology, nursing, and clinical criminology –and also include rehabilitation instructors who receive specific and ongoing training.

At “Yedid Nefesh”, we believe in people-centered services. Together with our mental health professionals, each person embarks on an individual journey of rehabilitation and recovery. During this journey, we strive to present people with means and opportunities for becoming an integral part of their environment, realizing their true essence.

With the help of our team, each person creates a unique rehabilitation plan, based on an evaluation of the recent period of time and on the mapping of factors that promote or hinder achieving their goals. An emphasis is also placed on their individual strengths and capabilities, and on how they deal with difficulties that arise. Our rehabilitation program also addresses each person’s individual and unique skills, capabilities, and aspirations.

Culturally adapted services in English are also provided.

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